Registered for Reunion

The reunion is coming up quickly! Our list of reunion attendees is growing, but we thought we would let you know who is coming.  Many of you have said you are coming but have not RSVP'd.  If you think you have RSVP'd for the reunion but your name is not on the list, please go to the menu on the left under "40th Reunion Banquet" and RSVP for the reunion.  

Currently Registered (Just Classmates--does not include registered guests)

Dr. John Mansour
Aguilar (Hartwell), Elizabeth
Aguilar (Aguilar), Robert
Bourgeous (Sears), Julie
Bradshaw (Gray), LuAnne
Cassells (Truettner), Lynda
Chavez (Balu), Kathleen
Corbin, Gary
Duke, Steven
English (Helmbrecht), Lona
Freeman (Griffin), Sandy
Goodfriend (Delgadillo), Paulette
Grabiec (Stallings), Diana
Harder (Harder), Diane
Harvey (Taylor), Nancy
Hendricks, Leslie
Henrich (Henrich), Chris
Hobaica (Aguilar), Lisa
Holmquist (Davis), Anna
Hutchinson, Bill
Jennings (Jennings), R. C. .
Ligon, Avery "Grant"
Lorent, Scott
Mariscal (Hanson), Leslie
Messner, Mark
Moeur (Gerard), Kelly
O'Brien (Porter), Colleen
Owen, John
Owen (Kingdon), Martha
Rencehausen (Hogsed), Sandy
Ruby (Dugan), Melissa
Vaughan, Amelia
Wells (Andrew), Karen
Wiley, Daniel
Williams, Chuck
Witt (Ward), Debbie
Wood, John

A few of you haven't paid yet--if you haven't talked to me about that, I will be reaching out to you to remind you so that detail is covered before the reunion.  If you haven't registered because of financial issues, please reach out on the "Contact Us" button on the left.

Lona (On behalf of the reunion committee)